About Beveridge Primary

Beveridge Primary School is a growing school on the Northern Fringe of Melbourne. In 2007 we had 45 students and in 2018 anticipate that we will have in excess of 290. The values which underpin our disciplinary framework of, 'Everybody has the right feel safe and comfortable and everybody has the right to do as much work as possible' are Respect, Integrity, Empathy and Unity.

We believe that it is the job of every adult whom our students encounter to model these concepts all day, every day. Our community is committed to nurturing active and caring Australian citizens who support intercultural understanding and can acknowledge and value alternative points of view. The staff, parents and community of Beveridge Primary are committed to developing the social, emotional and academic needs of our students by promoting resilience, persistence and courage. We motivate each child to strive to achieve their full potential and take risks in an environment which is safe, supporting and nurturing. We have strong parental and community involvement throughout the school which supports our rich curriculum.

Our curriculum offers music, dance an annual whole school production, fine arts, and physical education. We are working towards delivering a 1:1 computer program in the school and a sophisticated IT skills program scaffolded into student programs. Our welfare program includes a Reading Recovery program, a social skills course, Speech support and a Welfare program to support students, their families and teachers to enable all to achieve their potential.

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