Beveridge Primary School is registered as a SunSmart School.

Thich means we implement a best-practice sun protection policy to reduce staff and students over exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

As students are at school during times when UV radiation levels are highest, we play an important role in minimising your child's UV exposure. Our sun protection policy ensures that we minimise student’s exposure to the sun and provide an environment that positively influences sun protection behaviour.

The main elements of our sun protection policy are:

  • UV levels and daily sun protection times are used to plan daily activities and ensure a correct understanding of local sun protection requirements.
  • The school/service community is committed to providing shade in areas where students congregate, during recess and lunch, and when teaching outdoors and playing sport.
  • All staff and children are required to wear a SunSmart hat that protects their face, neck and eats. SunSmart hats include broad-brimmed hats with a brim size of at least 6cm (adults 7.5cm), bucket hats with a deep crown and brim size of at least 5cm (adults 6cm), and legionnaire style hats.