Enrolment Information

Thank you for considering to enrol your child at Beveridge Primary School!

You can download individual forms for enrolment packages below or download this all-in-one package

Should you wish to enrol your child at Beveridge Primary School, please print and complete the following documents and return them to the school.

As it is a legal requirement that a copy of a child's Birth Certificate and Immunisation History Statement are provided to the school prior to commencement, please forward these along with the enrolment paperwork. The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register records vaccinations given to children under seven years of age and provides parents/guardians with a statement of their child's recorded immunisations once a child turns 5 years of age.

If you have not received your child's Immunisation History Statement and your child has turned 5 years of age, you can request a copy by calling 1800 653 809, by visiting your local Medicare office or online at Human Services Online.


The Consent Form includes information on Head Lice checking and Local Walking Notices

Download Consent Form

Discipline Policy

The Discipline Policy includes information on Welfare and Student Discipline within Beveridge Primary School

Download Discipline Form

Enrolment Privacy Notice

The Enrolment Privacy Notice is to inform you of Beveridge Primary Schools Enrolment process, including information which will be collected by the school when you have completed the forms

Download Enrolment Privacy Form

Student Enrolment Form

The Student Enrolment Form is the main Enrolment form required for enrolling your child. This is where you will fill all personal details about your family and child.

Download Student Enrolment Form

Enrolment Cover Letter

The Enrolment Cover Letter explains what is including in the package of forms and any additional requirements for enrolment.

Download Enrolment Package Form

Publishing Permissions

The Pubishing Permissions form includes information on publishing student photographs and media captured whilst at Beveridge Primary School and relevant events.

Download Publishing Permission Form