School Council

School Council is an elected body representing parents and teachers. It can be made up of 11 members in total: 7 parents, 2 Department of Education and Early Childhood Development representatives and 2 co-opted members for specific projects such as a representative from Parents and Friends. One Department of Education and Training position is the Principal who is an ex-officio (non-elected) member. Parents and teachers representatives are elected for 2 year terms. The election, if needed (i.e.: there are more nominations than positions available) is held in March with the new school councillors taking up their positions on April 1. If a person retires from council before their 2 years has been served then it is advertised as a casual vacancy. All members of the school community are welcome to attend school council meetings.

The council is charged under the Education Act with these major responsibilities:

  • Development of the general educational policy of the school within the overall state policy guidelines.
  • Planning, budgeting and expenditure control.
  • Maintenance of buildings and equipment, grounds, buildings and cleaning contracts.
  • Administration, ancillary, after-hours and extra-curricular personnel.
  • Fund-raising activities, community ventures.

The desired educational program of the school is developed through the process of consultation and negotiation among those vitally affected. The adopted policies therefore reflect the values and goals of the whole school community. The date and time of meetings are advised in the school newsletter.