Session Times

Arrowsmith Campus Ambrosia Campus

8.45am: Read to Self

9.00am: Session 1

9.55am: Fruit Snack

10.00am: Session 2

10.55am: Recess Eating Time

11.05am: Recess

11.25am: Session 3

12.20pm: Session 4

1.15pm: Lunch Eating Time

1.30pm: Lunch Time

2.20pm: Session 5

3.15pm: Dismissal

9.00am: Read to Self

9.15am: Session 1

10.05am: Session 2

11.00am: Recess Eating Time

11.10am: Recess

11.30am: Session 3

12.25pm: Session 4

1.20pm: Lunch Eating Time

1.35pm: Lunch Time

2.25pm: Session 5

3.30pm: Dismissal