Mission & Guiding Principles


Beveridge Primary School aims to be a safe, welcoming and engaging community. We value inquiring minds and encourage the best in all.



Our school beliefs, ‘Everyone has the right to feel safe and comfortable’ and ‘Everyone has the right to learn as much as possible’ articulates the fundamental rights and responsibilities of all members of any successful community.

At Beveridge Primary School we aim to provide an excellent education for all our students which develops their talents and capacities and enhances their chances of success in life.

We seek to ensure that learning takes place in a friendly, happy, safe and positive atmosphere at Beveridge Primary School.



Our school’s objectives are considered as part of the 4 yearly strategic planning process and reflected in the goals listed in our current School Strategic Plan (SSP). We also develop an Annual Implementation Plan to operationalise the goals and key improvement strategies contained in our SSP. 



Beveridge Primary School’s values are Respect, Togetherness, Excellence and Resilience

  • We respect ourselves, our school and each other, and understand that our attitudes and behaviours have an impact on the people around us. 
  • We model and demonstrate togetherness, and take every opportunity to help others that may be in need. We show this by being united working as a team and achieving our best together. 
  • We strive for excellence, which means trying our hardest and doing our best. 
  • We demonstrate resilience by our ability to cope and thrive in the face of negative events, challenges or adversity.